Revolution Enduro Steamboat: Day One Pre-ride


Next weekend the Revolution Enduro returns to Steamboat Springs. On Saturday we pre-rode the day one course and it was challenging to say the least. The day one route consists of incredibly beautiful trails way North of town, just past Steamboat Lake State Park (a really well developed, clean and nice park that I had no idea even existed).

The downhill stages aren't particularly challenging but the transfers are stout. Very stout. These trails are open to motorbikes, so the dirt is often sandy and loose, so don't come expecting perfect dirt and flow. What you should expect is ultra-classic Colorado trails way out in the Colorado Backcountry. By ultra-classic read long miles, sustained grades, beautiful pine and aspen forests, a few creeks, and more roots to clean on the climbs than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and there are sticks in the trail so watch the spokes and shins.

We didn't have enough vehicles to shuttle so we skipped stage one which has one of the longer and steeper descents. We did walk part of it and it looks enjoyable. Fast on good dirt with rocks and roots. There is a 600 ft climb out from stage one on the transfer. That being said, without stage one we logged 20.5 miles and over 4,000 feet of climbing.

Don't show up to this one expecting some lift accessed downhill race on a light bike. This is the real deal. Every downhill will be earned, even stage one which has a shuttle back up. This is an old school Colorado mountain bike ride. This is where the whippersnappers learn how things we're back in my day. When 26" wheels and rigid frames where the norm and a Rock Shox Judy up front was high tech. The days when you weren't cool unless you were climbing out of the saddle and seeing someone in a helmet was odd. HEY YOU DAMN KIDS! GET OFF MY LAWN! Now where was I..?

Oh yes, don't come ready for big hucks and flow trails, come ready to get way out there and earn it. Don't expect to find purpose built mountain bike trails but trails as they happen in the real world. Don't expect big banked turns and man made jumps but be ready for old school tech and loose shredable dirt. This is the real thing. Come ready to pedal. Come ready for the real Colorado Backcountry experience.

Also, bring extra chain lube, insect repellent, and whatever flat and mechanical fix strategy you rely on to get you out. Today we burned off a very durable coat of lube in the creek crossings and fine sandy dirt. We sweated off the first coat of DEET about 1/4 of the way through and if we got a flat or broken chain there was a long climb out to safety.

Sunday we are pre-riding day 2. That is a very different story. You do have to climb for your descents but there you will find mellow and consistent climbs to purpose built mountain bike descents with the potential to really send it, but more on that in the next post.

Evan Winn
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