Who is Kazzy Saito & Where'd He Find Those Shades?


As a professional bike mechanic for over a decade I can tell you that doing things correctly takes time, dedication and a serious investment of your heart and soul. A good mechanic really cares that your bike is better than it was when it came in. A good mechanic may spend days on a single issue, while only charging for a fraction of the time they spent, and spend all day fixing mistakes made by others while trying to keep the costs down because the person who made things worse already charged you a fortune. A good mechanic works hard to make you love your bike more. As most of us know, isn't easy to find a mechanic to trust and it is a serious business.

If you screw up on a bike someone could get hurt, but beyond that, a good tune, suspension setup and proper instructions on how to use the equipment can change a life. I know business partners who met on bikes, couples who came together through biking, groups of friends for life who started as riding partners, pastors who go on bike trips to grow together in their work in ministry, kids who got out of trouble and stay out of trouble through biking, and even mountain biking support groups for rape survivors. Biking isn't just a sport and a passion, but it is a way to get around. I know that doesn't sound so glamorous but if you think about it, filling that basic need is extremely important. When I was a kid that bike was freedom. Without it, going to see a friend in the next town wasn't an option, but with it I could not only ride over, but I could hit all kinds of foolish jumps too. Now I know others who use that bike to get to and from wherever they are going, while not only saving gas, but keeping healthy to be there for their loved ones for years to come. I even know people with severe disabilities who use tricycles to get around. A bike really is a magic thing. It is a tool for life.

Due to work load or the change of season, I often have to refer my clients to another mechanic. When I need to trust a machine and customer (often a friend) that I have cared for to another mechanic, there is a fairly short list of people who have impressed me enough to earn my explicit trust. I am pretty picky. I won't just send them to whoever at wherever to do god knows what to their bike. I send them to someone who I know really cares and knows what to do.

One of the guys at the top of that short list is Kazzy with Zen Bikeworks. Kazzy is a mobile mechanic and suspension builder for MRP. He is a man who truly loves the sport and the community. From his neat and organized little sprinter that houses his mobile tune lab, to the focus and care I have seen when he works on a bike, I can tell you I would trust him to work on my own ride.

Beyond his excellent work as a mechanic, he really will change your perspective on the sport. For starters you need to follow him on social media. His upbeat posts will brighten your day and inspire you to get out there. He has been with Snowmass Demo Days for a long time. We show up early every morning during the event to relieve security and every morning when we get there he is just returning from an epic ride wearing a big smile and his Pit Viper Sunglasses. I don't believe he has ever been on a ride he didn't love and that enthusiasm is highly contagious.

Kazzy always goes the extra mile at our event to spread the love of biking. Every year he does something to improve the atmosphere of our event, like bringing a DJ, serving espresso or, for this season, mentioning us to Pit Viper, who is now joining us for the event.

If you haven't been to an event where Pit Viper was exhibiting, well, you are in luck! They bring the fun wherever they go. They will make sure we all have a great time. As for their sunglasses they are well known for that signature style. A style that says it is always time to party. Like mullets, metal and 'merica, they truly rock. Beyond their awesome style, Pit Viper Sunglasses are also super practical. The brand was founded after the owner broke his "high end" sunglasses when he needed them most: a spring ski touring trip. That makes my eyes water just thinking about it. So what did he do? He decided to make his own sunglasses that won't let you down.

Pit Viper makes bomber shades that are very functional. With great optics, full coverage, a huge field of vision, adjustable fit and the ability to take a beating, you can look like a badass and be one too. If you do manage to break a pair, they will replace them under one condition; you need to send them a video of you breaking them or a humorous dramatic reenactment.

While you are at Demo Days be sure to hang out with Kazzy and Pit Viper, we know they will show you why biking is such a great sport!

Evan Winn
Snowmass Demo Days